New Work 2012

Exhibition  /  28 Jan 2012  -  10 Mar 2012
Published: 07.11.2012
Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 -  Antwerp

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I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space." - Carolina Apolonia. 
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Artist list

Chiara Scarpitti, Carolina Apolonia, Lotocoho
The fascinating and mysterious world of natural geometric forms, dominated by images,lines,dots, numbers and enigmatic
formulas, is particularly suitable for the design of contemporary jewelry. 
This stimulating survey of the forms in the universe often leads us in front of ancient myths, whose magical powers still attract today.
 The design approach is alchemic. The starting point of alchemy is the unity of matter: matter is one, but can take myriad forms
and can be combined in many other inexhaustible ways.
Both a designer and alchemist work with the idea of "practice trasmutatoria".
 For both, values are given specifically to the mass, space, light and shadow, and are active in the participation of the body to these physical elements.
The haute couture tailoring techniques, along with inkjet prints on silk combine the industrial chemical cut steel to create a new type of jewellery 
between design and craftmanship, unicity and seriality. 
/ Chiara Scarpitti

My work reflects my intimate world. 
Often I construct abstract versions of rooms, buildings, boxes, and cities that mirror my dreams and fears.
 Some of them relate to memories I have, people in my past or people around me.
 Yet others deal with my needs for protection, my fear of being locked in or shut out and my fascination with visible and invisible boundaries. 
I am intrigued by the process in which walls simultaneously define and shut out space. 
I am inspired by the imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete; cycles of growth and decay, eroded geological structures and abandoned buildings.
 Often I make the unorthodox combinations of materials to create tension and balance.
Sometimes I use found objects: quiet mirrors of other intimate worlds. 
/ Carolina Apolonia

Once the sign and its context has been investigated, like the atlas by aby warburg, we translate according to geometric rules (euclidian or thiessen polygons) those signs and we convert them into symbols. 
There are scale modifications as well and ergonomic approximations to the human body. Our creations translates signs into symbols. Translating landscapes and signs into jewellery we have created jewelry pieces called ergonomic territories.
 This work is based on geology and landscapes, contemporary languages. 
Made up of rings, fibulas or brooches, bracelets and different elements that complement the anatomy.
 Ergonomic territories is an infinite system of creation. Shaped by an idea that relates nature, the abstract-artificial and the learning of a constant game. 
It is a field of opportunities where the act of use derived from enjoyment provokes knowledge trapped in accumulated histories/stories about "mountains" or its most basic geologic constructions (diamonds-rocks).
 Decontextualised landscapes are built to scale and multiplied in knowledge. Mountains contain unseen stories.learning stories through objects. 
The inverse journey of religion, that dumps these stories on an object, mythifying it .mountains built on stories, mountains of stories.
 We propose to make visible the geometric constructions and physical/material that imply decisions and delimit cultures. 
Generate spaces of exchange where the physical rule of geology, the connections and its expressions are assimilated by its users.
We want a space that generates a memory, reminiscence or complex association of distinct perceptions, neither arbitrary and undetermined, nor objective: 
symbolic, that explains a moment in which determined distinct influences overlap in a mixed variable degree and combination generating a landscape.
 Build an artificial landscape on the foundations of the anatomy of the human body that at the same time refers to the natural construction beyond the sign, in the milestone. 
/ Lotocoho


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Exceptionally closed on Thu Jan 26 and Fri Jan 27 and during the nocturnal openings of January 26
Carolina Apolonia. Necklace: shelter #1, 2011. Silver, old book cover. 35 x 7 x 5 cm. Carolina Apolonia
Necklace: shelter #1, 2011
Silver, old book cover
35 x 7 x 5 cm
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