Exhibition  /  17 Mar 2011  -  20 Mar 2011
Published: 18.02.2011
Munich City
Blutenburgstr. 79
80634 -  Munich

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Within the frame of SCHMUCK 2011 in Munich Kathleen Hennemann, Christiane Köhne, Claudia Lassner and Christina Pauls will present contemporary jewellery.
The titel of the show ‘’NieOhneSeifeWaschen’ is related to the mnemonic regarding the cardinal points of the compass. It captures the various styles and approaches of the jewellery makers. These are as much different as the four cardinal directions themselves.
We, the designers, show which ‘excrescences’ jewellery can take: the range covers limited editions, over one of a kind pieces, the use of precious metal as well as artificial flowers and concrete as basic materials.


The opening will be thursday the 17th of march 2011 at 5 pm.

Open each day from 11 am till 7 pm. 
Closes sunday the 20th of march 2011 at 5 pm.

Check out our blog for further information about the single designers and more: 


© By the author. Read Copyright.