Observation from a Distance by Karin Johansson

Exhibition  /  10 Apr 2019  -  10 May 2019
Published: 21.03.2019
Karin Johansson. Necklace: Flight, 2018. Anodized aluminum, gold, acrylic. Karin Johansson
Necklace: Flight, 2018
Anodized aluminum, gold, acrylic
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Hannah Gallery presents the third solo show with Karin Johansson in Barcelona. After New Places, Abstractions of a City in 2012 and Soundtrack in 2015, the Swedish artist is featuring now Observation from a Distance, introducing a selection of nine new necklaces, works taking inspiration from her surroundings and memories of places and imaginary pictures.

Artist list

Karin Johansson

Sea, wind, flight, grass, bud, garden, butterfly, shells and structure.
Let go, follow and trust. See limitations as an asset, not an obstacle.
Follow gravity, look for balance. Observe rather than analyze.
On a journey, in the middle of something  
/ Karin Johansson.

The titles of the pieces... the first line of the poem refers to the names of each of the pieces in the group on show at Hannah Gallery and hints at the landscapes and weather that inspired their making. At the same time the titles of the pieces also speak a more universal language, in order to invite to a broader understanding and varying interpretations.

The title of the exhibition refers to working from this place of memory as well as the distant horizon lines of a landscape where her time is often spent. Even in the studio, keeping a little distance from the work, to observe it from a distance, and try and allow the work to evolve and breathe for itself, in an attempt to observe rather than analysewhich is another type of distance.

In the creative process of Karin Johansson gravity and balance are always central aspects in the work. With the long acrylic parts, She has been playing with the placement and composition to achieve directions and movement in the pieces. By making the holes in different places, you also achieve lines, energy and a more active approach. Photographic documentation of the work continued a longstanding photographic collaboration the artist has.

I make jewellery for people and when I work the body and wearability are important. Because of this, it is interesting for me to see jewellery that is meant for the body also photographed on the body, says the artist.

All the pieces included in the exhibition are made from gold, acrylic and colored aluminium. The series is a continuation from her earlier work with coloured materials. As always when working, a frame is set, kind of rules to work from. This time, among other things, three materials and no soldering. By using fewer tools, she achieved more simple solutions to the work and in the long run, altogether a strong visual language.