Once upon time

Exhibition  /  03 Jul 2007  -  29 Jul 2007
Published: 19.07.2007
Galleria Rantapaja
Maria Nuutinen. Button: Sweetheart, 2007. Maria Nuutinen
Button: Sweetheart, 2007
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The Finnish artist Maria Nuutinen presents her last works at this exhibition.
I think the main idea is people and our behaviour. I enjoy waching people, I find interesting to listening stories and destinations and also makeing my own stories. I like to be with people who dears to be just who they are. I don't like to talk with words that are so 'fine' that nobody understand. I like to be me. 

Maria Nuutinen. Button: Greetings, 2007. Maria Nuutinen
Button: Greetings, 2007
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Maria Nuutinen. Button: Yours sincerely, 2007. Maria Nuutinen
Button: Yours sincerely, 2007
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