Panorama by Julie Blyfield at Bilk Gallery

Exhibition  /  24 Mar 2017  -  29 Apr 2017
Published: 16.03.2017
Panorama by Julie Blyfield at Bilk Gallery.
Bilk Gallery
Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Johannes Kuhnen, Mio Kuhnen

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In 2013 Julie was awarded an Australia Council ‘Creative Australia’ grant to develop and present a new body of work for a solo exhibition at Ruthin Crafts Centre in Wales, United Kingdom. Panorama opened at Ruthin Crafts Centre in 2015 and toured to The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh in 2016. In March 2017 Bilk Gallery is delighted to be presenting a selection of this solo exhibition by this celebrated and luminary of Australian metalsmithing. 

Artist list

Julie Blyfield
Julie Blyfield makes jewellery, small-scale vessels and sculptural objects. For Panorama, she set out to create a ‘landscape of work’ to see how her work would flow and develop almost by osmosis over an extended period of time. Her pieces are delicate, fine and textured, they are constructed in silver, bi metal (thin 22 carat gold fused onto silver sheet), some surfaces are enhanced with enamel paint others are oxidised.

Julie captures the sights and the spirit of the landscape with photography and recording. She notes: At different times of the year on my daily walks, I see changes in the environment where I live. Small things catch my eye – a leaf, a seed, seed pods piled in the street, piles of leaves, seasons, the colours, the changes. As I walk I collect and select pieces of ephemera - it can be a small insignificant leaf. 

The small vessels and jewellery reflect Julie's responses to the South Australian landscape. Through these pieces she focuses on the details that give the place its unique character - At landscape of works I wanted to make a long landscape of jewellery and object that says something about the place where I live. On the tile of her exhibit, Panorama, Julie says I decided it reflects the ‘openness’ and lightness and diversity of the Australian landscape, I wanted this to reflect something about Australia, its scale, colour and history.
Process sketches and Neckpiece in progress.
Process sketches and Neckpiece in progress

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Julie Blyfield. Neckpiece: Lifeline, 2016. Oxidised sterling silver, wax.. Julie Blyfield
Neckpiece: Lifeline, 2016
Oxidised sterling silver, wax.
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Julie Blyfield. Brooch: Rock Face, 2015. Silver. Julie Blyfield
Brooch: Rock Face, 2015
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