Peace Bullet by Nicola Evangelisti

Exhibition  /  25 Jun 2015  -  28 Jun 2015
Published: 24.06.2015
Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
Nicola Evangelisti. Installation: Peace Bullet, 2015. Nicola Evangelisti
Installation: Peace Bullet, 2015
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Art Pod Presents "Peace Bullet" By Nicola Evangelisti at ArtVilnius'15. The piece is part of a "supernova art installation", that starts with a single form which is subsequently atomized into small fragments.

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Nicola Evangelisti
Nicola Evangelisti's Peace Bullet is part of what we call a supernova art installation.
A supernova art installation starts with a single form (for example, a sculpture of a man built out of a thousand small diamonds) which is subsequently atomized into small fragments. When the fragments are sufficiently small they can be distributed around the world inside Art Pod jewel boxes. They can also be traced.

Collectors who own the fragment of a supernova art object will soon be able to follow its shape-shifting evolution on their iPhone. To do so, they will enable the map function on their Art Pod iPhone App and add as “map friends” those members who own other detachable  fragments of the same object. The smarphones of Art Pod wearers will provide the GPS coordinates of the art object supernova.
The Italian artist Nicola Evangelisti is producing mandalas using small caliber silver, gold or lead bullets. When the mandalas are finished, they are ritually and publicly destroyed. Each one of these bullets fits perfectly inside an Art Pod Optico jewel box.

The first one of Evangelisti’s Art Pod mandalas is in the shape of the peace symbol. As people move to different places, the peace symbol composed of up to 450 mandala bullets will change shape on the App’s map. In the very near future, it will be possible to implement projects in which owners of Evangelisti’s mandala fragments are asked to collectively re-form its original shape on a global scale.
Through projects like Nicola's, Art Pod inaugurates an entirely new way of connecting people through art, and art through people.
Nicola Evangelisti: Peace Bullet Mandala
Nicola Evangelisti: Peace Bullet Mandala
Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
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