Permission to Speak by Kontrapunkt Collective

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Published: 21.02.2024
Permission to Speak by Kontrapunkt Collective.
Respct.Me Gallery
Susanne Bleicher-Kaikkis

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Permission To Speak is the second project from Kontrapunkt Collective, which delves deeper into what it is to balance individual and collective practices. Here Kontrapunkt Collective decided to set themselves an exercise through which they could continue to explore and analyse the mechanisms behind their collective operation. Each dictated an individual point of departure – two books, a song and a set of collages – to which they, as well as the others, had to respond.

Artist list

Rita Besnyoi, Vica Gábor, Lieta Marziali, Luca Sági
The premise for this new Kontrapunkt project is simple enough: four voices, four very personal inspirations, four responses from each voice. The implications are however more complex. The permission mentioned in our title is, very importantly, taken as well as granted. It is taken by each of us in our individual choice of inspiration and also in our interpretation not only of that but of all the others' choices. It is granted in our trust in others to find their own connections with each of our choices. Observing and reflecting on the development of this give-and-take equilibrium has been the core of this project.

From this simple set-up of four inspirations and four individual responses, the project wants to highlight the complex and very delicate process and method of sharing that underpins the nature of the Collective. What does it mean to take one’s permission to speak, to put one’s own voice forward, to proclaim one’s choices, to declare one’s identity? And what does it mean to give that permission to others, to allow different opinions, interpretations, dialogues into something that is so personal and precious for each as individuals?

What kind of space needs to be established so that the individual never loses out in, and is in fact empowered by, the collective process? What compromises are the individual, and the collective, willing to accept as well as to achieve? Where are the boundaries between personal choice and vulnerability? What is the potential benefit of conflict and its resolution in this kind of space? How does the collective process reflect back and change the individual?

This is what Kontrapunkt Collective invites you to discuss with them.

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