Pforzheim University School of Design. Klimt02 Degree Show 2022

Exhibition  /  NewTalentsByKlimt02  /  15 Jul 2022  -  16 Jul 2022
Published: 07.12.2022
Zoé Pfortner. Set: LAB BAL, 2022. Recycled paper fibre pulp.. 20 cm; 45 cm. Photo by: Petra Jaschke. Zoé Pfortner
Set: LAB BAL, 2022
Recycled paper fibre pulp.
20 cm; 45 cm
Photo by: Petra Jaschke
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Our lucky graduates were able to present their works at 2 locations. At the Munich Jewellery Week in the art:ig gallery, the works could be shown to the international expert audience, the guests were very interested in the contents and in the personal conversation with the artists. The next show was at our University in Pforzheim and here, too, the works aroused the curiosity of the audience.

Artist list

Sophie Krautmacher, Zoé Pfortner, David Rauch Saavedra, Lifu Zhou
This year's Graduates are a good example of the wide range of jewellery we nurture in our department. Their work revolves about renewing traditions and sustainability, experimenting with new technology to expand the language of jewellery and creating an individual Narrative to Material and Form.

Sophie Krautmacher is working on the preservation of traditional artisanal jewellery production through a new sustainable design approach.

David Rauch Saavedra creates an individual, magical narrative by reassembling shells, seeds, and feathers with the help of a saw and electroforming.

Zoé Pfortner collaborated with Les Ateliers Bijoux by Christian Dior, giving the brand Impulses for a new sustainable design approach for its pearl collection.

Lifu Zhou is using aIl to generate 3D printed structures, combining it with bioplastic, molded directly by hand.

/ Prof. Andi Gut, Head of Jewellery Department BA

Exhibition Dates and Venues:
  • 07 - 10 July 2022 (MJW), Gallery Art:ig Munich
  • 15 - 16  July 2022, Campus Design PF