Piki & Liesbet Verschueren: ‘Pick up the pieces’ & ‘Ice’

Exhibition  /  10 Jun 2011  -  02 Jul 2011
Published: 02.06.2011
Galerie S & H De Buck
Siegfried Debuck

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Piki and Liesbet seek to represent new spaces in which cultural elements and media are absent.

Artist list

Piki, Liesbet Verschueren
Piki & Liesbets’ video projects start from the playful observation of life, nature and the physical world.Out of these perceptions, elements are selected and put into continuous rhythmic and flowing motions. They consist merely of action upon reaction, sound, architectural structure, lightness and air. In that sense the videos show a hint of a new utopian placid place.
Pick up the Pieces.
Pick up the Pieces

© By the author. Read Copyright.

© By the author. Read Copyright.