Point, line and plane by Yu Hiraishi

Exhibition  /  22 May 2017  -  16 Jul 2017
Published: 15.05.2017
Yu Hiraishi. Brooch: Buzz, 2013. Brass, urethane paint.. Yu Hiraishi
Brooch: Buzz, 2013
Brass, urethane paint.
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A Japanese jeweler and sculptor which creative process is supported by the fundamental senses of plastic art, such as material, form and space.

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Yu Hiraishi
Her minimalist jewels reflect the sculptural influence. Pins, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are constructed from basic three-dimensional shapes such as cylinders, tubes, folded asymmetric bars, or flat and geometric shapes that intersect at oblique angles. The use of monochrome primary colors intensifies a rhythmic play of light and shadow.
Hiraishi has participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Japan and abroad and her work is represented in several collections, highlighting MAD's (Museum of Art and Design) in New York.

I am jeweler and sculptor. I create jewelry from a sculptor’s point of view. My creative process is unusual for jewelry making, in the sense that it is not constrained by the conceptual historicism of formalism.
Instead of staying within the usual range of jewelry making, my creative process is supported by the fundamental senses of plastic art, such as material, form and space.
Although metal might appear to lack expressive qualities, it is a special material for me because its property enables a simultaneous pursuit of two sides. It is perfectly suited for creating unlimited possibilities for expression by linking sheets or pipes at different angles. I have an interest in the depth, surface, connections and boundaries of things.
A stimulating and inspiring color whose inherent property enables complicated expressions, incorporates delicate lights and shadow into my work. It assists in realizing a fluid and striking cubic curve. / Yu Hiraishi



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