Polyphonic. New members of Art Bv

Exhibition  /  19 Jan 2019  -  28 Feb 2019
Published: 17.01.2019

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Eva Baker banishes their mind games onto the canvas; Rupert Gredler's large-format figure paintings and animal pictures are mirror images of his immediate perception; The moment collection of Monika Schwingenheuer is an ongoing project; Thomas Selinger tells in his cycle The Apollon thirsts the story of change, salvation, pain, love and helpfulness; Bernhard Skok titled his installation Projection of Intrinsic Darkness; The work Organic Metal by Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele is about the old, the new and the Ambivalence in between; Stephan Unterberger shows in his artistic exploration the topic 4 Elements - Fire, water, air and earth .