Practicing Patience by Hetty Laycock

Exhibition  /  06 Dec 2019  -  10 Dec 2019
Published: 04.12.2019

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This body of sculptures unites inspiration and learning that spans across Yorkshire, Venice, Cornwall and now Shanghai. This exhibition shows work generated during Hetty's time in Shanghai, from September to December 2019. 

Artist list

Hetty Laycock
I am a sculptor working primarily in fibre-based materials. I have a deep seated interest in traditional craftsmanship whilst simultaneously exploring methods of innovation. I engage thoughtfully with the development of academic, philosophical and religious understanding and consider carefully how to feed these into the application of materials and thus into my sculptural practice. I create sculptures and artworks that are physical representations of notions, such as interconnectivity, the power of unity and the strength that lies within diversity. I create sculptural 'thought forms' that come into being through three-dimensional versions of traditionally two-dimensional fibre techniques, such as knitting, sewing, embroidery and weaving. Working in an array of materials but often ending up with finished sculptural forms solidified within metals such as bronze and copper.
Hetty Laycock

About the artist:
Although only twenty two years of age, Hetty Laycock has garnered influences from across the globe. Having grown up in Yorkshire after studying initially at Leeds Arts University, Hetty went on to complete a degree in Fine Art at Falmouth University, Cornwall. During her degree at Falmouth University, Hetty was offered the opportunity to study for an academic year at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia. Specialising in sculpture at an Italian academy not only opened Hetty’s eyes to a new language, cultural diversity and vastly different teaching methods. It also ignited within her the desire to build upon cross-cultural understanding and to feed her passionate pursuit of building new knowledge and skills into the work that she creates.


6th of December, Friday, from 6 pm.
Hetty Laycock. Sculpture: The fruits of Love Collection, 2018. Bronze. Photo by: Hetty Laycock. From series: The Fruits of Love Collection. Hetty Laycock
Sculpture: The fruits of Love Collection, 2018
Photo by: Hetty Laycock
From series: The Fruits of Love Collection
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Hetty Laycock. Sculpture: The Privilege of Slowness, 2019. Copper. Photo by: Hetty Laycock. Hetty Laycock
Sculpture: The Privilege of Slowness, 2019
Photo by: Hetty Laycock
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