Precious Beasts: Blooming by Eunmi Chun

Exhibition  /  21 Jun 2014  -  02 Aug 2014
Published: 13.06.2014
Eunmi Chun. Piece: Lion 2, 2013. Parchment, hair, gold leaf, silver, zinc. Pendant/Brooch. Eunmi Chun
Piece: Lion 2, 2013
Parchment, hair, gold leaf, silver, zinc
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The jewellery made by Eunmi Chun is bold and figurative. Each piece is a convincing likeness of an animal surrouned by foliage: sculptural portraits of a lion, a giraffe or eagles amidst all sorts of leaves. The objects are clearly intended to be worn, for despite their dimensions, they are light as a feather.