Presenze e Assenze by Corrado de Meo and Fabio Peloso

Exhibition  /  31 Oct 2017  -  24 Nov 2017
Published: 16.10.2017
Corrado De Meo. Brooch: PHI 0, 2017. Polystyrenes, acrylics, oxides, gold.. Ø 14 cm, height 2 cm. Corrado De Meo
Brooch: PHI 0, 2017
Polystyrenes, acrylics, oxides, gold.
Ø 14 cm, height 2 cm
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The series of works in the Duo exhibition is not made for a quick look that, in fact, with a thread of irony, deceives and does not perceive their true essence, but their visual deception is an invitation to go beyond sensitive appearances.