Quaternitas meeting 2006

Exhibition  /  13 Sep 2006  -  15 Sep 2006
Published: 05.09.2006

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This meeting is together the conclusion of the programme Quaternitas 2005/06 and the beginning of Quaternitas 2006/07.-2016-2016

Quaternitas has been thought of as a transition between school and professional work and as the conclusion of Alchimia's didactic programme. The school/tutor still follows the students work but from a more external position than the years before. The student establishes his own workshop, beginning his carreer as a professional creator/designer. During this very delicate period he will have his tutor as advisor and guide. He will have 6 meetings with his tutor.

The first and the last meeting will take place in Florence. During the year the students will meet at the tutor's house and studio. The dates of these meetings will be established by the tutor according to the development of the work of each student.The maximum number of students for each tutor is two. Only students who have attended Alchimia beforehand are admitted to this course.

New tutors for 2006:

Peter Bauhuis and Annamaria Zanella, will introduce their work.

Students for the 2006:
Dina Abargil, Silvie Altschuler, Daniela Boieri, Christine Heusser, Bernhard Stimpfl-Abele.



The meetings will begin at 9:30 am at the school.

All the students and friends of Alchimia are invited.

The gallery Alternatives in Rome is showing selected pieces of the Quaternitas 2005/06 graduates in an exhibition, beginning on September 21st.