Rinaldo Alvarez: Arbitrary locations

Exhibition  /  12 Jun 2010  -  11 Jul 2010
Published: 07.06.2010
Rinaldo Alvarez. Pendant: JNN28º0’45.34’’S153º25’57.22’’E, 2010. Paper, wire, cotton thread.. 19x8.1x2.8 cm. 4.4gms. Rinaldo Alvarez
Pendant: JNN28º0’45.34’’S153º25’57.22’’E, 2010
Paper, wire, cotton thread.
19x8.1x2.8 cm. 4.4gms
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 Arbitrary locations -  We are just a dart in a map, our location is arbitrary. Migrants of our own past and nomads of our own future.