Riva Land by Sofia Björkman

Exhibition  /  25 May 2024  -  30 Jun 2024
Published: 31.05.2024

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Near me, a bird of prey nests. A large resident bird with a broad wingspan and sharp gaze. It flies silently but leaves traces on the ground. There are feathers and bones, white, gray, and brown fluffy tufts that it scatters around. Sometimes it can be seen sitting still on a cliff or a bare branch. I sneak to see, the noise around quiets, my gaze sharpens. I wander in the landscape and look around. Trees fall when the storm hits or when humans clear. The bird flees, I remain.

Artist list

Sofia Björkman
For the exhibition, I have worked as if the bird of prey was with me in the studio. It, like me, tears. The bird tears with beak and claws, and I with my eyes and hands. It leaves behind what remains, but I do not throw away what is left wildly. I collect and piece together anew. We are not of the same nature. I read about ruins, logging, and predator politics and try to think bigger, to think about all the other things that happen, to look out over expanses beyond the landscape, but it is here I am now.

The new works in the exhibition are a continuation of the series Landscape that I have worked on for several years. The objects and jewelry tell about what I have around me. I can see myself and the human body as a landscape for jewelry and the exhibition space as a landscape for the exhibited objects. Wearable jewelry can be moved from room to room, from country to country, city to forest, and from one context to another. Mobility and flexibility characterize jewelry art and can broaden its meanings and perspectives.

The objects and jewelry I have worked on are built up with layers of three-dimensional drawings. All are unique and made with a 3D pen and a custom-made tool for this purpose. The material used is PLA filament, normally used for 3D printing, a bioplastic derived from renewable biomass that I draw with and then paint. It is light and flexible, so despite the size, several of the works are wearable and can be used as jewelry. The technique with the 3D pen means that I draw by hand, and it should not be confused with digital technology.

Dates: 25th of May - 30th of June 2024.
Open Friday - Sunday 11 am - 4 pm.
From June 12, Wednesday - Sunday 11 am - 5 pm.