Exhibition  /  05 Nov 2020  -  18 Jul 2021
Published: 04.05.2021
SCHÜTT | Schmuck & Edelsteine
Jiun-You Ou. Object: The cirlce of broken trees, 2018. Rock crystal.. Photo by: Jiun-You Ou. Jiun-You Ou
Object: The cirlce of broken trees, 2018
Rock crystal.
Photo by: Jiun-You Ou
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The ROCKSTARS from Campus Idar-Oberstein burst onto the stage of contemporary jewellery! Exhibition ROCKSTARS by the department of Gemstones and Jewellery at Campus Idar-Oberstein is located in the showroom of the family business Robert Schütt Witwe in Pforzheim. The setlist includes 50 hits and new releases by the alumni and students from the last five years. 

Artist list

Vesal Bahmaninik, Ana Bellagamba, Margherita Berselli, Catalina Brenes, Alejandra Campos Taylor, Ignasi Cavaller, Miriam Copícová, Tamia Dellinger, Carolin Denter, Patrícia Domingues, Petr Dvorak, Nicolas Estrada, Vendula Fabiánová, Natascha Frechen, Elvira Golombosi, Pia Groh, Susie Heuberger, Levan Jishkariani, Erika Jordan, Nikita Kavryzhkin, Nga Ching Ko, Typhaine LeMonnier, Sihui Li, Tianyi Liang, Franziska Lusser, Ali Azhar Malik, Dot Melanin, Sayara Montemurro, Felicia Mülbaier, Gina Nadine Müller, Julia Obermaier, Jiun-You Ou, Annora Poppe, Kika Rufino, Constanza Salinas, Dana Seachuga, Franziska Seilern-Aspang, Setareh Shojaeedanaloo, Jekaterina Smirnova, Alejandra Solar, Anna Storck, Edu Tarín, Valérie Wagner, Qi Wang, Luisa Werner, Pei Wu, Vanessa Zöller
The ROCKstars present works that spin around the eternal material in jewelry: They are declarations of love, experimental snapshots or rebellious works revolving around gemstones.

Until July 18th 2021, the ROCKstars will have their guest appearance at Schütt, parallel to the traveling exhibition "Fe, Steel Prize 2020 Wismar, Hasselt, Lappeenranta - three countries, three cities, three schools" at the Pforzheim Jewelry Museum. 

It is not surprising that Schütt invited the university from Idar-Oberstein on the occasion of its 130th anniversary; as Schütt is the most important stone trading company in Pforzheim, it has close ties with Idar-Oberstein. The company had an Idar-Oberstein branch for decades, which ensured a steady flow of the best gemstones to Pforzheim. 

At Campus Idar-Oberstein, newcomers to the jewellery scene have dedicated themselves with body and soul to the intensive investigation of gemstones. Idar-Oberstein, at the same time world trade center for gemstones of all kinds and place of study in certain seclusion, is for the students the rehearsal room, in which they break existing structures and develop progressive designs.

As ROCKstars, students and alumni stage contemporary pieces of jewellery that not only show the material gemstone in unexpected and unconventional applications but at the same time redefine elements of centuries-old gemstone aesthetics and are thus socially positioned.
ROCKstars. Campus Idar-Oberstein: guest appearance at Schütt in Pforzheim
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Pia Groh. Necklace: N'18, 2019. Agate, oxidized silver.. Photo by: Serena Salvadori. Pia Groh
Necklace: N'18, 2019
Agate, oxidized silver.
Photo by: Serena Salvadori
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Carolin Denter. Brooch: Fuck, 2017. Mookaite, polymer clay, gold plated brass, silver, citerine.. Photo by: Carolin Denter. Model: Katharina Reimann. Carolin Denter
Brooch: Fuck, 2017
Mookaite, polymer clay, gold plated brass, silver, citerine.
Photo by: Carolin Denter
Model: Katharina Reimann
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Nikita Kavryzhkin. Earrings: Void, 2020. Basalt, rubber, steel.. Photo by: Nikita Kavryzhkin. Model: Alejandra Campos Taylor.. Nikita Kavryzhkin
Earrings: Void, 2020
Basalt, rubber, steel.
Photo by: Nikita Kavryzhkin
Model: Alejandra Campos Taylor.
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Sayara Montemurro. Brooch: The Twist, 2021. Rock crystal, white gold, silver.. Photo by: Sayara Montemurro. Model: Tobias Leyser.. Sayara Montemurro
Brooch: The Twist, 2021
Rock crystal, white gold, silver.
Photo by: Sayara Montemurro
Model: Tobias Leyser.
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Kika Rufino. Brooch: Swing C, 2018. Agate, steel.. Photo by: Nima Ashrafi. Kika Rufino
Brooch: Swing C, 2018
Agate, steel.
Photo by: Nima Ashrafi
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Vanessa Zöller. Object: A mother is a soap 2, 2020. Milky opal, human hair.. Photo by: Vanessa Zöller. Vanessa Zöller
Object: A mother is a soap 2, 2020
Milky opal, human hair.
Photo by: Vanessa Zöller
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