Rostros Insumisos

Exhibition  /  06 Oct 2023  -  26 Oct 2023
Published: 14.09.2023
Rostros Insumisos.
Institut Culturel du Mexique
Sylvia Burgoa
Oscar Figueroa. Bracelet: Supervivencia, 2020. Brass, silver and copper. Photo by: Cuitláhuac Correa. Model: Brenda Franco. Oscar Figueroa
Bracelet: Supervivencia, 2020
Brass, silver and copper
Photo by: Cuitláhuac Correa
Model: Brenda Franco
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Artist list

Maria Paula Amezcua, Mariana Barranco, Carlos Benítez, Edith Brabata, Sylvia Burgoa, Samuel Burstein, Felipe Cardenas, Regina Castillo, Fernando Delaye, Julia Ferreira, Oscar Figueroa, Paula Guzman, Leticia Llera, Edgar Lopez, Karen Marrun, William Mentado, Elena Moncada, Lilo Palma, Claudia Roa, Diana Solis, Flora María Sánchez, Francisco Sánchez, Gabriela Sánchez
Rostros Insumisos is a project born from an encounter between artists and curators Sylvia Burgoa, Oscar Figueroa and Flora María Sánchez with the Comca’ac culture. The project brings together 25 Mexican artists who have explored the cultural heritage of this resilient and rebellious people from the state of Sonora, who use, amongst other means, songs and body ornaments as a reflection of their social identity and a manifestation of their strength. Through this mutual exchange, the artists were able to create and incorporate into their contemporary jewellery elements of storytelling, social reflection, anthropology and celebration of modernity, resulting in a unique visual and cultural journey.

Vernissage Thursday 5 October 2023 at 18:00

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