Sally Marsland

Exhibition  /  16 Mar 2013  -  06 Apr 2013
Published: 12.03.2013

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Jewelers'Werk Galerie proudly presents Sally Marsland

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Sally Marsland

Jewelers'Werk Galerie presents Sally Marsland

Tweaking a minimalist mode with great insight, Sally Marsland's collection of objects are made to physically adorn and imaginatively enhance. Never seeking large gestures, her work is like a poem by e.e.cummings: everything is in lower case. This is evident in the sometimes abject nature of the materials she employs, plus the canny use of found objects. A pair of hollow bones , or a discarded wooden object, sit alongside the more familiar materials of the contemporary jeweller. "If one has enough milk in the house, one doesn't go to the grocery store", observed the composer Stefan Wolpe about his own working habits. Likewise what is immediately at hand can be transformed by Marsland's exacting vision to arrive at an object with the right contour, density of colour, surface texture...

- Michael Graf