Exhibition  /  05 Dec 2015  -  06 Dec 2015
Published: 18.11.2015
Theatermuseum Düsseldorf
Beru Inou, Ute Röseler
Design: Georg Patermann,  Simone Vollmary.
Design: Georg Patermann,  Simone Vollmary

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​During the first weekend of December 30 students and recent graduates from the University of Applied Sciences HS Düsseldorf present high quality jewellery, products and objects for sale in the Theatermuseum Düsseldorf. 

Artist list

Vera Aldejohann, Anja Bachmann, Leila Besharati, Eunok Cho, Laura Christmann, Tereza Duskova, Fairouz El Bahr, Eva Hanak, Karin Heimberg, Anna-Maria Heuer, Beru Inou, Hayan Kim, Sally Kiss, Irmen Krenzer, Theresa Kudlek, Mia Maichen, Karin Maisch, Anja Metzger, Felicia Mülbaier, Yeol Mae Park, Lukas Phillipp, Martha Lucia Ponce, Sarah Regensburger, Ute Röseler, Theresa Schuker, Alexandra Seuß, Anna Van Eck, Lina Werner, Oscar Wippermann, Zohair Zouirech
The items featured, were developed in courses at the university or constitute independent designs following individual concepts. As the name suggests the semi-annual market does not only offer jewellery made from a great variety of materials, but also bags, bowls, cutlery, accessories and more.

We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Opening Hours: 
05.- 06. December 2015
Sat 13.00-16.00 and 17.00-22.00
Sun 11.00-18.00
Laura Christmann. Necklace: Insert In, 2015. Stainless steel, silk.. Laura Christmann
Necklace: Insert In, 2015
Stainless steel, silk.
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Beru Inou. Necklace: Abstract Dreams, 2015. Glass, silver, steel, ruby.. Beru Inou
Necklace: Abstract Dreams, 2015
Glass, silver, steel, ruby.
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Hayan Kim. Vessel: Hybrid Geschirr, 2015. Porcelain, variuos woods. Hayan Kim
Vessel: Hybrid Geschirr, 2015
Porcelain, variuos woods
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Anna-Maria Heuer. Bracelet: Herz, 2015. Tin-bronze, gold coated or powder coated.. Photo by: Jan Vennemann. Model: Vera Distel.. Anna-Maria Heuer
Bracelet: Herz, 2015
Tin-bronze, gold coated or powder coated.
Photo by: Jan Vennemann
Model: Vera Distel.
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