Selected Artists JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2018

Exhibition  /  Curating   Joya2018  /  04 Oct 2018  -  06 Oct 2018
Published: 12.06.2018

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JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects is the main art jewellery and art objects event in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists as well as related organizations, schools and other entities, JOYA, in its 10th edition prepares to present excellence and innovation in contemporary art jewellery and objects.

JOYA 2018 will take place on the October 4th, 5th and 6th 2018 at Disseny Hub Barcelona, Spain.


Artist list

Anja Lapatsch and Annika Unger, Sara Barbanti, Ana Calbucci, Cédric Chevalley, Jeemin Jamie Chung, Sara Chyan, Cleopatra Cosulet, Sabina Dragusanu, Lucy Ganley, Juanjo García Martín, Amarette Gregor, Lucie Houdková, Christine Jalio, Lily Kanellopoulou, Lodie Kardouss, Alex Kinsley Vey, Heejin Lee, Heng Lee, Namkyung Lee, Seonyong Lee, Wanshu Li, Helmi Lindblom, Gigi Mariani, Sun Ming Rui, Elena Moreno, Deema Murad, Julika Müller, Viktoria Münzker Ferus, Charlize Nhung, Holly O'Hanlon, Ezgi Okur, Taibe Palacios, Irene Palomar, Jounghye Park, Liana Pattihis, Ekaterina Peresvetova, Antria Prasinou, Konstanze Prechtl, Marian Ripoll, Aguistina Ros, Chiara Scarpitti, Sara Shahak, Aditi Sharma, Teodor Siminic, Herman Sun, Slawa Tchozewska, Demitra Thomloudis, Marcin Tyminski, Ana Viñuela
Ten years have passed since the first edition of JOYA Barcelona, an event that is currently the main meeting point in the art jewellery sector in Spain.
In its ten editions we counted with the participation of 1,818 artists represented individually or by schools, galleries, collectives and institutions. JOYA is aimed at professionals of the sector, as well as the general public, gathering more than 22,000 people at the fair, a fact that has become a platform that has attracted the attention of more than 400 national and international media, as Klimt02 which year after year promote the event and the different activities organized in the city.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, the fair has been moved to Disseny Hub Barcelona an open, innovative and experimental municipal facility that is physically and conceptually designed to be the engine and driver of the knowledge economy, creativity and innovation. It is a multifunctional and multidisciplinary centre that seeks to turn the emerging design sector into a leader in Europe and the world. Under this premise JOYA expands its cultural offer including the exhibition of author objects, made by sculptors, artists and craftsmen.
This new approach has the objective of bonding two artistic aspects that are related to each other, creating a link where art jewellery can be interpreted as an object, just as an author's object can be considered a jewel.

The main objective of the fair since its beginning has been to promote the work of national and international artists through exposure and communication, support the sector of jewellery and author objects and help open an artistic market that has remained little explored until now

This year the JOYA- WORTH Award will be awarded for the first time, a prize for the effort and work of the participating artists. The winner of this edition will be part of the Worth Project with a grant of 10,000 euros to develop new artistic projects.

Jury Members 2018 Edition
• Rosy Greenlees - Executive Director Crafts Council UK.
• Charon Kransen - Founder and owner of Charon Kransen Arts NY.
• Wanshu Li - Winner of the 2017 JOYA Award.
• Gabriela Izquierdo - Manager of fashion and design projects AITEX.
• Rubén López - Gallerist at It Remindes Me of Something Galería.
• Piotr Rybaczek - Founder and owner of The Basilica Gallery.
• Paulo Ribeiro - Director JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelery & Objects.

JOYA is a platform that during these ten years has served as a space for interaction, debate and meeting point of art jewellery sector in Spain, artists and galleries, private collectors and cultural elite, with a complete program of events, exhibitions, conferences and with the support of important publications and media on and off line.
Sara Barbanti.
Sara Barbanti

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Jeemin Jamie Chung.
Jeemin Jamie Chung

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Lucy Ganley.
Lucy Ganley

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Juanjo García.
Juanjo García

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Herman Sun.
Herman Sun

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Lucie Houdkova.
Lucie Houdkova

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Christine Jalio.
Christine Jalio

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Lily Kanellopoulou.
Lily Kanellopoulou

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Lodie Kardouss.
Lodie Kardouss

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Alex Kinsley Vey.
Alex Kinsley Vey

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Unger Lapatsch.
Unger Lapatsch

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Heejin Lee.
Heejin Lee

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Wanshu Li.
Wanshu Li

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Julika Müller.
Julika Müller

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Deema Murad.
Deema Murad

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Viktoria Münzker.
Viktoria Münzker

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Lee Namkyung.
Lee Namkyung

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Holly O'Hanlon.
Holly O'Hanlon

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Jounghye Park.
Jounghye Park

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Liana Pattihis.
Liana Pattihis

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Ekaterina Peresvetti.
Ekaterina Peresvetti

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Chiara Scarpitti.
Chiara Scarpitti

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Teodor Siminic.
Teodor Siminic

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Gigi Mariani.
Gigi Mariani

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