Selected Artists and Award Winners at JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2019

Exhibition  /  Collecting  /  10 Oct 2019  -  12 Oct 2019
Published: 25.06.2019

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JOYA Barcelona Art Jewellery & Objects is the main art jewellery and art objects event in Spain. Gathering a great number of independent artists. In its 11th edition will be focused on the communicative and diplomatic meaning of the art jewellery and objects in nowadays, as it is important for JOYA to promote the socio-cultural movements in vogue.

Artist list

Miki Asai, Gabriela Baca, Junmin Bae, Shuoyuan Bai, Sara Barbanti, Raluca Bazura, Anja Berg, Maria Blondet, Jana Brevick, Valdis Brože, Antonia Canales, Celine Charuau, Young Ji Chi, Jeemie Jamie Chung, Cleopatra Cosulet, Xiang Dai, Adriana Del Duca, Shelbey Dodds, Simone Frabboni, Emi Fukuda, Jolanta Gazda, Emma Gregory, Xinia Guan, Miao He, Lucie Houdkowa, Beru Inou, Christine Jalio, Junwon Jung, Ryungjae Jung, Lily Kanellopoulou, Neung Wi Kim, Batami Kober, Eszter Sara Kocsor, Dovile Kondrasovaite, Joohyun Lee, Najin Lee, Roxy Lentz, Xun Liu, Annea Lounatvuori, Sophia Mann, Sophia Mann, Vasundhara Mantri, Denis Music, Into Niilo, Jette Nørregaard, Nanna Obel, Ezgi Okur, Iker Ortiz, Taibe Palacios, Panayiotis Panayi, Liana Pattihis, Marian Ripoll, Marian Ripoll, Daniel Scheinfeld, Elwy Schutten, Yeseul Seo, Xiangyin Shi, Rho Tang, Sława Tchórzewska, Yue Tong, Deniz Turan, Youjin Um, Artemis Valsamaki, Yiota Vogli, Jamila Wallentin, Lingjie Wang, Qian Wang, Zihan Yang
Talking about the power of jewelry is potentially inexhaustible and fascinating. It implies returning to the beginning of humanity, not only as an adornment for the body but as the ideological expression of culture, and even more importantly, POLITICS.
The call of this year has exceeded all expectations, having a high percentage of new artists who have not participated in previous editions, so this year will be one of the most innovative in terms of design and cutting edge.
JOYA 2019 will have the participation of 58 selected artists, 8 winners of prestigious international awards, 2 galleries, 3 collectives, 3 international schools and 7 national schools, that makes a total of more than 300 artists from all over the world.

Award Winners:
Sara Barbanti (JOYA 2018)
Raluca Bazura (Autor 2019)
Jamila Wallentin (Talente 2019)
Elwy Schutten (Talente 2019)
Junwon Jung (Herbert Hoffman 2019)
Artemis Valsamaki (Athens Jewelry Week 2019)
Gabriela Baca (Enjoiat 2018)
Najin Lee (Enjoiat 2018)

Jury Members 2019 Edition
• Pravu Mazumdar, Philosopher and specialist in Contemporary Jewellery, India.
• Melissa Cameron, Jewellery Artist, Australia.
• Alba Cappellieri, Director of the Jewellery Museum in Vicenza, Italy.
• Sara Barbanti, JOYA 2018 Award winner, Italy.
• Piotr Rybaczek, Founder and owner of La Basílica Galería, Poland.
• Paulo Ribeiro - Director JOYA Barcelona Art Jewelery & Objects.

JOYA is a platform that during these eleven years has served as a space for interaction, debate and meeting point of art jewellery sector in Spain, artists and galleries, private collectors and cultural elite, with a complete program of events, exhibitions, conferences and with the support of important publications and media on and offline.