Sequins and Scales by Sian Edwards

Exhibition  /  02 Oct 2014  -  02 Nov 2014
Published: 30.09.2014
Gray Street Workshop
10 Sydney Place
5000 -  Adelaide
+61 88223 2966
Catherine Truman

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Sian Edwards. Piece: Owls Feet, 2014. Sequins, plastic. Detail
. Image Credit: Edwina Richards. Sian Edwards
Piece: Owls Feet, 2014
Sequins, plastic
Image Credit: Edwina Richards

© By the author. Read Copyright.

Sian Edwards is presenting an exciting collection of creatures meticulously crafted from metal mesh and sequins. Sian has spent many hours researching museum specimens of birds, snakes and lizards to gain a unique insight into the complexities of their anatomical structure and surface patterning.

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Sian Edwards
Sequins and Scales is a menagerie of jewellery and objects inspired by snakes, lizards and birds. Using a pair of tweezers, forms are rendered from alluring materials intended to catch your attention and draw you in. Mesh skins, sequin scales and shiny claws. A mix of playful and somber, this body of work explores ideas of animals in culture, as objects, adornment and symbols in contrast with the actual animals that share our world.

I access museum specimens to gain an understanding of animal anatomy, pattern and detail. I make notes, drawings and models of these specimens and use them to technically inform my work. Yet their influence on my work is more enigmatic. Staring at specimens for hours at a time it is hard to imagine they were once alive. These animals have become objects, frozen in time and completely void of life, empty skins and hollow feet, my work pays homage to the animal lives that once embodied these forms.
-Sian Edwards