Silke Spitzer at DMY - International Design Festival

Exhibition  /  09 Jun 2010  -  13 Jun 2010
Published: 26.05.2010
Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof

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Silke Spitzer is presenting her work at DMY Berlin - an international design network for contemporary product design.

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Silke Spitzer
Silke Spitzer is showing her work at DMY - International Design Festival, Berlin.

Due to her innovative technique the Berlin based jeweler Silke Spitzer managed to simply bond precious stones onto a ring. The result is a brilliant stone full of light and natural color and a ring that beautifully follows the shape of your hand. 

In a contrary design, but with the same technique, Silke Spitzer hides raw diamonds under a metal cover or stretches a golden ring into a silver outside. Her pieces make the leap from a smart, on - the edge - of- traditional jewelry design to a bold and enigmatic side of creativity and craftsmanship.