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Some Like it Hot

Exhibition  /  24 Nov 2017  -  15 Dec 2017
Published: 31.10.2017

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The exhibition showcases new work produced by practitioners and researchers associated to the Jewellery & Textiles Programme at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts. This exhibition highlights the intrinsic dependence of some of our fabrication processes with the control of heat and energy.

Artist list

Laura Baker, Caroline Broadhead, Phllippa Brock, Beatrice Brovia, Nicolas Cheng, Lin Cheung, Carole Collet, Naomi Filmer, June Fish, Mélanie Georgacopoulos, Chloe Griffiths, Tansy Hamley, Kirsten Haydon, Rebecca Hoyes, Kinor Jiang, Kieren Jones, Giles Last, Anne Marr, Marlene McKibbin, Maria Militsi, Joanna Pierce, Ayse Simsek, Anne Smith, Reiko Sudo, Max Warren, Rui Xu

Work that uses a range of transformative processes which often need to be executed at specific temperatures. Human history evidences how, by the mastering of the heating process, craft makers developed new ways of making and the control of temperatures has been core to the emergence of a range of technical processes.
Caroline Broadhead. Sculpture: Shadow Remains, 2017. Thermograph. 29 x 42 cm. Photo by: Jack Cole. Caroline Broadhead
Sculpture: Shadow Remains, 2017
29 x 42 cm
Photo by: Jack Cole
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Nicolas Cheng. Beatrice Brovia. Sculpture: Gold Rush, 2017. E-waste materials.. 5.5 x 5.5 x 1 cm. Photo by: Nicolas Cheng, Beatrice Brovia. From series: Conversation Piece. Nicolas Cheng
Beatrice Brovia
Sculpture: Gold Rush, 2017
E-waste materials.
5.5 x 5.5 x 1 cm
Photo by: Nicolas Cheng, Beatrice Brovia
From series: Conversation Piece
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Melanie Georgacopoulos. Brooch: Brilliant, 2017. Gold, mother of pearl.. 6.5 cm dia.. Photo by: Packshot Factory. Melanie Georgacopoulos
Brooch: Brilliant, 2017
Gold, mother of pearl.
6.5 cm dia.
Photo by: Packshot Factory
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Kirsten Hayden. Necklace: Ice Monitor, 2012. Enamel, photo transfer, copper, silver, nylon.. 24 x 24 x 0.5 cm. Photo by: Jeremy Dillon. Kirsten Hayden
Necklace: Ice Monitor, 2012
Enamel, photo transfer, copper, silver, nylon.
24 x 24 x 0.5 cm
Photo by: Jeremy Dillon
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Maria Militsi. Cufflinks: Hot seat, 2017. Silver, chair.. 3 cm. Photo by: Maria Militsi. Maria Militsi
Cufflinks: Hot seat, 2017
Silver, chair.
3 cm
Photo by: Maria Militsi
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