Soul to Soul by Gigi Mariani and Jeemin Jamie Chung

Exhibition  /  18 Nov 2023  -  26 Dec 2023
Published: 10.11.2023
Jeemin Jamie Chung. Necklace: Somewhere above the clouds, 2023. Brass, pigment, gold leaf and silver. . Photo by: Studio Munch. Jeemin Jamie Chung
Necklace: Somewhere above the clouds, 2023
Brass, pigment, gold leaf and silver. 
Photo by: Studio Munch
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To capture the profound and essential nature of friendship is not an easy task. Friendships are unique, mutual and affectionate relationships that enrich our lives in various ways. Built on trust, understanding, and shared experiences, they can be a source of joy, emotional support, and elevation of the spirit, and they remind us of the beauty of human connections. Sometimes a friendship may arise instantaneously and instinctively. Skin to skin. Soul to soul. You meet someone, and there's an instant connection that feels like you've known them forever. It's a connection that transcends time, space, culture and education. To find this kind of friendship is a powerful and rare occurrence.