Soundtrack by Karin Johansson at Jewelers Werk Galerie

Exhibition  /  02 Apr 2016  -  23 Apr 2016
Published: 21.03.2016
Karin Johansson. Necklace: Sooki, 2015. Anodized aluminium, gold, acrylic. 78 cm. From series: Soundtrack. Karin Johansson
Necklace: Sooki, 2015
Anodized aluminium, gold, acrylic
78 cm
From series: Soundtrack
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I use my senses as tools. By using the different senses while in a constant move I perceive the places that surrounds me. The city becomes the source of inspiration to create. In my world wearable signs, that together gives the beat of a city. / Karin Johansson