Special Christmas sale at Joya Barcelona

Exhibition  /  Collecting   Curating  /  30 Nov 2020  -  06 Jan 2021
Published: 27.11.2020
Vlastimil Senkyr. Object: Lapis philosophorum, 2019. Glass. Awarded at: Talente Competition 2020. Vlastimil Senkyr
Object: Lapis philosophorum, 2019
Awarded at: Talente Competition 2020
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Throughout the Klimt02 platform, you will be able to purchase 26 jewels on sale from 26 artists who exhibited at Barcelona Art Jewellery Fair 2020.

It is a duty to find solutions to the problems which have occurred at the moment and create new ways of communicating the work of our artists to possible buyers and create new connections with specialized galleries, museums, and art spaces. The current situation has made us rethink our way of consumption, that is why we advocate investing in unique pieces made by renowned artists worldwide.
The artists will give a 15% discount on the final price, remember that the sale goes entirely to the artist.