Spotlight by Jee Hye Kwon 2016

Exhibition  /  21 Jun 2016  -  15 Aug 2016
Published: 27.06.2016

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Kwon works with multiple gauges of gold and silver wire in varied tones creating see through spaces.

Artist list

Jee Hye Kwon
Inspired by organic forms, architecture, and the complexities of human experience, Kwon creates jewelry that combine the delicate skill of a master jeweler with the strong command of articulating architectural space. Much as a plant grows, a building is constructed, or a person gains new experiences, Kwon’s pieces seem to unfold into a great scaffolding of time, thought and beauty.

I illustrate the power of geometry and structural forces in shaping our emotional lives. The intricacy of the cellular constructions also hints at a biological nexus, linking the prodigious industry and design of nature. I use classic goldsmith techniques with contemporary designs and meticulous fabrication. Each “cell” is hand soldered. My goal is to express different forms of human experience and vision through architectural spaces, while maintaining a sense of lightness, flexibility, and transparency. / Jee Hye Kwon
Jee Hye Kwon. Necklace: White Reflection, 2016. Sterling silver. Jee Hye Kwon
Necklace: White Reflection, 2016
Sterling silver
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Jee Hye Kwon. Earrings: Halves & Halves II, 2016. Sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver. Jee Hye Kwon
Earrings: Halves & Halves II, 2016
Sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver
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