Spotlight by Mariko Kusumoto

Exhibition  /  15 Mar 2016  -  16 Apr 2016
Published: 04.03.2016

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The gallery is featuring the third exhibition of continuing explorations in translucent textile jewellry and wall pieces by Mariko Kusumoto.
Constructed from heat-treated polyester, Kusumoto's new work is full of new ideas and more intricately formed objects. From miniature teddy bears, rubber ducks and toy cars to haunting anemone bouquets, experience the ethereal forms of her jewellry and new wall pieces in bright, shimmering fabrics that float on the wearer and entrance the viewer.

Born in 1967, Kusumoto grew up in southern Japan, in a 400-year-old Buddhist temple where her father was the priest. She recalls the hushed serenity of the place, the dimness, the marks on the stone steps from centuries of raindrops from the roof. "I saw history everywhere throughout the temple. I liked the tranquility, that subtle light that creates a sort of spiritual world." by American Craft Council, 16th March 2015.