Stone Poetry. A Slice of Home by Mette Saabye

Exhibition  /  07 Jan 2017  -  28 Feb 2017
Published: 02.01.2017

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As a child I hoped to become an archeologist when I grew up. I was fascinated by the adventure of exploring lost cultures, digging into the ground and finding the treasures of some long forgotten cultures. I studied the beautiful dot-drawings witch were drawn of each found piece, as an exact registration for everybody to see and add knowledge about these rediscovered worlds.

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Mette Saabye
I read the articles where historians expressed their theories about these cultures and the purpose of the found objects. I was so intrigued and still am. Another interest of mine, was finding fossils by the sea. We often did, and when a new piece was found my father explained what kind of animal it had once been.

My passion toward these two topics are related to the fact that the remains refer to worlds witch once existed, lost forever, but still accessible through the studies of those objects. Connected across time and cultures - so close and still separated.

The works for this Wall exhibition at ATTA Gallery are similar in character as described above. The Jewellery is reflecting the Danish culture in which I grew up with and for that reason is part of my identity.
These pieces are my fossils, referring to what shaped me as a person and expresses valuable memories from my childhood life. Sunny afternoons at my grandmothers garden, flowers and animals which are now vanished from the Danish fauna and flora, because of the way we have not treated nature well.

The stones are cut in a similar way as to the character of the archeological drawings. The colors used are sheets of laminate, a common material used in my childhood on kitchen tables. Within this context I refer to the color-palette of the animals and plants as they looked when alive.

I hope people will enjoy exploring my universe and remember to treat nature respectful. / Mette Saabye

Mette Saabye. Brooch: Coronella austriaca - Glatsnog, 2016. Cacholong, plastic laminate, smoke quartz, onyx, 925 silver.. Mette Saabye
Brooch: Coronella austriaca - Glatsnog, 2016
Cacholong, plastic laminate, smoke quartz, onyx, 925 silver.
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Mette Saabye. Brooch: Acrocephalus arundinaceus - Drosselrørsanger, 2017. Cacholong, plastic laminate, 925 silver.. Mette Saabye
Brooch: Acrocephalus arundinaceus - Drosselrørsanger, 2017
Cacholong, plastic laminate, 925 silver.
© By the author. Read Copyright.