Exhibition  /  05 Mar 2013  -  22 Mar 2013
Published: 22.01.2015
Ubi Gallery
Machtelt Schelling
Jacomijn van der Donk. Ring: Brush, 2013. Henna red goathair, silver. Jacomijn van der Donk
Ring: Brush, 2013
Henna red goathair, silver
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By inspiring the arts, poetry takes physical form. Discover how several renowned artists in the field of ceramics and jewellery are inspired by calligraphy, brushstrokes, poetry and imprints.

Artist list

Ruudt Peters, Xiaomu Zhao, Jacomijn van der Donk
Ubi Gallery at Capital Literary Festival

Ruudt Peters (NL)
Ruudt Peters has over 30 years of experience as a jewellery artist. His reputation was set by creating innovative and refreshing collections. His energetic workshops are well known in the field of jewellery artists all of the world. His work is part of many museum collections and private collectors all over the world. Ruudt Peters profoundly researches the western philosophy and the wisdom from the east. The source of all his work comes from Alchemy. His work is full of symbols and meanings, reflecting his exploration – without forgetting the power of the final visual result. At Ubi Gallery several small pieces from his collections over the last years are on display.

Xiaomu Zhao (CN)
XiaoMu Zhao had her jewellery education at CAFA Beijing. She recently started her own jewellery brand called Larmo Studio. XiaoMu Zhao grew up in a traditional Beijing setting, in a hutong, surrounded by family and extended family members. As an adult she adjusted to the contemporary housing setting and now evaluated her own upbringing in her work. Xiaomu Zhao transfers the values and visuals from calligraphy and Chinese painting into contemporary jewellery pieces.

Jacomijn van der Donk (NL)
Jacomijn van der Donk is a jewellery artist educated at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam with years of experience. One of her collection is  inspired by brushes. The tactile sensation of the work, the relation between nature and the human body are central to her work.
Ruudt Peters. Necklace: Anima, 2013. Aluminum. Ruudt Peters
Necklace: Anima, 2013
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Xiaomu Zhao. Necklace: Untitled, 2013. Silver, beads. Collection: Peace. Xiaomu Zhao
Necklace: Untitled, 2013
Silver, beads
Collection: Peace
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