Susanne Henry at Radical Jewelry Makeover Chicago

Exhibition  /  03 May 2024  -  30 Jun 2024
Published: 30.04.2024
Susanne Henry. Earrings: Pink Chandeliers, 2024. Base metal, rhinestones. Aprox. 1.27 x 0.6 cm.. Photo by: Susanne Henry. From series: RJM Chicago. Susanne Henry
Earrings: Pink Chandeliers, 2024
Base metal, rhinestones
Aprox. 1.27 x 0.6 cm.
Photo by: Susanne Henry
From series: RJM Chicago
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Gallery 2052 is collaborating with the artist-run nonprofit Ethical Metalsmiths to stage The Chicago Professional Artist Edition of Radical Jewelry Makeover.

Artist list

Susanne Henry
Last fall, we asked members of our community to donate their unwanted jewelry to highlight an ecologically-friendly alternative supply chain to traditional mining. A volunteer group of 28 local artists sorted the haul and found inspiring materials to upcycle into fresh pieces. The new, responsibly sourced jewelry, ranging from Art Jewelry to Fine, will be available for purchase at the culminating exhibition opening on May 3, from 4 - 9 pm at Gallery 2052!

Join us to meet many of the artists and prepare to be wowed by their ingenuity!

Susanne Henry at Radical Jewelry Makeover Chicago​:
When I was asked to participate in this version of Radical Jewelry Makeover, I embraced the challenge and produced 9 pieces in time for the exhibit that opens this Friday (Friday, May 3, 2024). I used donated materials which ranged from earring singles to broken earrings, faux pearls, and beads of unknown material, costume jewelry with rhinestones, sterling silver, and 14k gold unwanted items. Some of the work I created is more radical (such as the Drippy neckpiece), and some more reverential and traditional (the Orphan pendant necklace). One piece relates to my work in steel and gold (the sweet gold Paperchain Cluster post earrings), but most was inspired by what I saw in the materials at hand. I drew on my silversmithing training (the Salamander neck mess), my design education (working with disparate materials), and learned a new technique in knotting. It felt like a residency filled with constant exploration and experimentation that I will carry forward into new work to come.
/Susanne Henry

Opening: May 3, 2024, 4 - 9 pm.