Susanne Henry at Spruced Up

Exhibition  /  07 Jun 2024  -  21 Jul 2024
Published: 23.05.2024
Susanne Henry at Spruced Up.
Abel Contemporary Gallery
Theresa Abel, Ann Orlowski
Susanne Henry. Necklace: Coily Long Neck Chain, 2024. Steel, 14k gold fill. 2.5 x 76 cm. Photo by: Susanne Henry. From series: Coily. Susanne Henry
Necklace: Coily Long Neck Chain, 2024
Steel, 14k gold fill
2.5 x 76 cm
Photo by: Susanne Henry
From series: Coily
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The Group Show Spruced Up at Abel Contemporary Gallery delves into the nuances of style and intentional visual enhancement.

Artist list

Susanne Henry
This theme explores various aspects of augmenting appearances, whether through adornments, such as jewelry, costuming and fashion, or drawing inspiration from elements of nature such as birds’ plumage or flowers’ petals— the exhibition is a celebration of intentional style in its myriad forms.

Artists in this exhibit include: Alison Bailey, Randall Berndt, Jessica Calderwood, Gerit Grimm, Susanne Henry, Kelli Hoppmann, Lydia Martin, S.V. Medaris, Susan Richter-O’Connell, Jean Roberts-Guequierre, Erica Schlueter, Skyler Simpson, Diane Washa, Jonathan Wilde, and Ariana Vaeth.

Susanne Henry for Spruced Up :
I updated my collection at Abel Contemporary gallery with newly created thematic pieces from my 'Coily Series' when I was invited to participate in this group multi-media show (as a one of several in-house artists). The Coily series takes its name from the unique technique of winding wire that produces an irregular coiling pattern in a regular shape - a kind of “organized chaos”. It evokes the unruly image of curly hair in all of its wildness, along with the attempts to control it and shape it. The resulting patterns are wavelike and organic in nature, very flowing and beautiful. The patterns are even sharper in contrast to the stiff black industrial quality of the steel wire. The Coily Series is part of my ongoing investigation of chain in steel and gold.
/ Susanne Henry

Opening: June 7, 2024, 5 - 8 pm