Theory of Vision

Exhibition  /  13 Mar 2015  -  26 May 2015
Published: 05.03.2015
La Basílica Galería White Cabinet
Piotr Rybaczek

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How it is not to be able to see properly?
It’s cool! I use my ocular defect as an advantage. I always take my glasses off when I paint. Everything looks more beautiful then!

Artist list

Magdalena Lamch
What do you think you see?
Can we trust our eyes..?

Magdalena Lamch presents “Theory of vision” a work that explores about “the point in space”.

Inspired by theoretical consideration of a point, collected in books “Theory of sight” by Wladyslaw Strzeminski and “Point and line to plane” by Wasyl Kandinsky, she started analysing the process of seeing. 

In this jewellery series, she uses different tricks to cheat the viewer. Brooches are double-layered, colourful and movable. They seem to look a bit different when observed from different angles. Some are moving when worn and makes the edges unsharp.

Displayed by size, the pieces looks like a “snellen chart”. The sizes you can still see will depend on this how good your sight is!