Touchy Feely

Exhibition  /  14 Apr 2017  -  02 Jun 2017
Published: 27.04.2017

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An exhibition that explores the tactile experience of jewelry. Adam Gopnik writes “Touch is the unsung sense - the one that we depend on most and talk about the least... the work of the world is done by handling it. We live by feel.” Jewelry is an intimate and sensual art form, providing a tactile experience for both the wearer and the observer. It’s an excellent medium for exploring the unsung sense of touch.

Artist list

Jill Baker-Gower, Amanda Bergman, Isabelle Busnel, Sébastien Carré, Emily Culver, Mary Fissell, Brie Flora, Motoko Furuhashi, Missy Graff Ballone, Yong Joo Kim, Michelle Kraemer, Michal Lando, Thomas Lauria, Helmi Lindblom, Jeffrey Lloyd Dever, Nathalie Maiello, Fern Robinson, Jolynn Santiago, Hallie Scheufler, Rose Schlemmer, Jina Seo, Carina Shoshtary, Tyler Stoll, Aric Verrastro, Meg Wachs, Mallory Weston

While most visual art can only be enjoyed through sight, jewelry not only invites but encourages touch. As makers create work, they engage with their sense of touch, making decisions about materiality, structure, and form that will later engage the observer’s sense of touch, communicating a host of sensations and feelings. A dialogue between the maker and the observer is thus built on the social language of touch.


Artist Talk with Mallory Weston: Thursday, May 18, 2017.
Sébastien Carré. Necklace: Cultural Cycle, 2016. Filmstrip, seashell, silk, cotton, nylon, beads.. Ø 90 x 2.5 - 18 cm. Photo by: Milo Lee Photography. Sébastien Carré
Necklace: Cultural Cycle, 2016
Filmstrip, seashell, silk, cotton, nylon, beads.
Ø 90 x 2.5 - 18 cm
Photo by: Milo Lee Photography
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Emily Culver. Necklace: Brush Set, 2015. Maple wood, rubber, acrylic, paint.. Photo by: Emily Culver. Emily Culver
Necklace: Brush Set, 2015
Maple wood, rubber, acrylic, paint.
Photo by: Emily Culver
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Nathalie Maiello. Set: Embrace, 2016. Copper, brass, powdercoat, silk thread.. Photo by: Nathalie Maiello. Necklaces. Nathalie Maiello
Set: Embrace, 2016
Copper, brass, powdercoat, silk thread.
Photo by: Nathalie Maiello

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Jolynn Santiago. Necklace: Tension, 2017. Balloon, steel, permanent marker.. Photo by: Chelsie Corso. Jolynn Santiago
Necklace: Tension, 2017
Balloon, steel, permanent marker.
Photo by: Chelsie Corso
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Carina Shoshtary. Brooch: Raduga Fossil, 2013. Graffiti, silver, stainless steel.. Photo by: Mirei Takeuchi. Carina Shoshtary
Brooch: Raduga Fossil, 2013
Graffiti, silver, stainless steel.
Photo by: Mirei Takeuchi
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