Tracks. The personal story of Frank Chai, Heng Lee and Li Jing

Exhibition  /  26 Mar 2016  -  07 May 2016
Published: 29.04.2016
JiChang Chai. Brooch: Conqueror, 2015. Found object, aluminium, copper, resin.. JiChang Chai
Brooch: Conqueror, 2015
Found object, aluminium, copper, resin.
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Frank Chai, Heng Lee and Li Jing all want one thing - to tell a story, to make sure, some things are not forgotten. Heng Lee reveals the hidden beauty of Taiwanese nature and craft. Li Jing can’t stop herself sharing the fun lead figures in all kinds of stories you can imagine yourself. And Frank Chai impresses with colourful statements, full of objects and references to the story of daily life.