Tracks. The personal story of Frank Chai, Heng Lee and Li Jing

Exhibition  /  26 Mar 2016  -  07 May 2016
Published: 29.04.2016

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Frank Chai, Heng Lee and Li Jing all want one thing - to tell a story, to make sure, some things are not forgotten. Heng Lee reveals the hidden beauty of Taiwanese nature and craft. Li Jing can’t stop herself sharing the fun lead figures in all kinds of stories you can imagine yourself. And Frank Chai impresses with colourful statements, full of objects and references to the story of daily life.

Artist list

JiChang Chai, Li Jing, Heng Lee
The work is different in technique, material and personality. But they all invite us to enjoy our imagination and cherish hidden stories and keep memories alive.

About the Artists:
Frank Chai started with fashion design and switched to jewellery design, which he studied in Shanghai and Birmhingham. His work is narrative, due to the found objects that play a central role in his pieces. Those objects reflect on his daily life and dream world. They are part of his environment and don’t conceal hidden meanings. For him art is a way of recording, keep things alive, that otherwise might be forgotten. His objects are not selected because of its material, but he is interested in the way the object can communicate and tell a story. His work is quite dramatic in size, colour and esthetics. He likes that his work catches people’s eyes and are statements and most of all good looking pieces in every sense.

Heng Lee is educated as a jewellery artist in Taiwan. He is inspired by Chinese traditional crafts, as embroidery from the many ethnic minorities. He enlarges the colourful embroidery pattern and attaches this to the laser cut stainless steel. In this specific series of works, he used flowers that only grow in Taiwan, hence the title of the collection ‘Floral print of Formosa.’ His works shows you the pixel structure of the enlargement and the details and texture of the flower embroidery. He is literally building a bridge between traditional and contemporary crafts.
On one hand images on the internet give you the opportunity to see details of nature, that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. On the other hand, you can see so many pictures online, that you might forget where they really come from. This tension inspired Heng Lee to use natural images, traditional crafts and digital technology all in one. He reveals hidden beauty into beautiful patterns. For the first time we will show his new, smaller sized work.

Li Jing is educated in printmaking and engraving. She developed her taste for storytelling and creating her own animations and figures. When she made some copperplate engravings of her humorous animal stories, she noticed that the audience was as interested in the sparkling copperplates as in the final prints. That made her wonder if she could use the copperplates in a more profound way. She continued her education at the jewellery department of Tsinghua University and worked on her series of copper engraved brooches and necklaces. She uses copper, brass, Japanese pure gold and silver foil. The coloring ink is commonly used for printing RMB notes, which gives a special shine and depths to the pieces. The metal surface is coated with an anti – oxidation layer.
JiChang Chai. Brooch: Conqueror, 2015. Found object, aluminium, copper, resin. JiChang Chai
Brooch: Conqueror, 2015
Found object, aluminium, copper, resin
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Li Jing. Brooch: Little facial expression. 24k gold plated copper, RMB Ink. Li Jing
Brooch: Little facial expression
24k gold plated copper, RMB Ink
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Heng Lee. Earrings: Floral Print of Formosa. Stainless steel plated with 20K gold, thread, silk organza. 4.6 × 3.5 × 1.5 cm. Heng Lee
Earrings: Floral Print of Formosa
Stainless steel plated with 20K gold, thread, silk organza
4.6 × 3.5 × 1.5 cm
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