Treciakursiai (Third year students)

Exhibition  /  12 Jul 2006  -  31 Aug 2006
Published: 30.01.2007
Uzupio gallery
Uzupio g. 3-1
8 (5) 2312318
Laima Keriene
Marius Zakaras. Object: Plauciai (Lungs), 2006. Iron, silver, copper. Marius Zakaras
Object: Plauciai (Lungs), 2006
Iron, silver, copper
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The aim of this exhibition is to support younger students to perceive gallery space and to implement educational and cultural tasks.

The exhibition of third year students of Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Telsiai Faculty (department of Metal plastics) was opened on June 12 in Uzupio gallery. Almost all pieces for the exhibition were created during last academic year. The aim of this exhibition is to support younger students to perceive gallery space and to implement educational and cultural tasks. Students were asked to implement particular task for this exhibition that means they had to make an improvisation on merging historical and contemporary cultures and to develop individual perception and expression of cultural environment. According these tasks students have created various objects of jewelry, small plastics, groups of objects and etc. An extraordinary attention was paid on development of concept, paradox and artistic style. The presented variety of artistic styles confirms students' skills in vide scale of techniques.
Participating students are valued for their academical and personal characteristics. The exhibition Treciakursiai is a good chance to get familiar with tendencies in cotemporary academical jewelry, new generation of jewelers and their thinking.


About Participants:

Sigitas Rekasius (born 1985, Telsiai)
Student has a big interest in art in general. His practices reach beyond jewelry. Part of his free - time he spends making paintings. The most characteristical personal features are attention on aesthetics, precision, variety, logic and continuous searching. His creative topic is based on observation of the environment, literature and heritage.
By gathering intellectual, emotional and perceptional information Sigitas creates postmodern significant narrative with deep symbolic value.
Proposed works:
Brooch: Pora, 2005: silver.
Object: Vakariene, 2006: copper, brass, cupronickel, silver.
Object: Ku - ku, 2006: copper, brass, cupronickel, enamel.
Object: Dviejomis kryptimis, 2006: brass, synthetic string

Marius Zakaras (born 1984, Panevezys)
Author pays big attention on technological and material innovations and new forms. But he does not do it in modernist way. Marius focuses on conceptual thinking. He is tough on adopting expression of his concepts through metal plastics. This idea of expression is best seen in his work Lungs where he shows his concern on healthy lifestyle.
Proposed works:
Dish: Plauciai, 2006: iron, silver, copper.
Brooch: Generacija, 2006: silver.
Brooch: Antspaudas, 2006: silver, sponge, fabric.
Object: Karjeros laiptai, 2005: silver, perspex, amber.
Coffret: Skrynele, 2005: silver.

Egle Tamosiunaite (born1984, Kelme)
I hope that metal plastic is my present and my future. Iron is not plasticine for me yet, says Egle. I see her smile and this is not coincidence. Her works are attentive, nice and deep spiritual. She does not do anything without aim, without deep look into existence. Concepts of human consciousness and culture are very important to her. The set of rings Prisiminimai (Remembrances) is dedicated to her friends. Scoop shaped like nutshell is attached to the ring by hinge. It opens when hand moves and deep orange color from inside reminds about, lets say, meeting, birthday, student showings and etc. Other ring is made from moving discs of perspex with engraved portraits of her friends form academy. Third ring is with portraits of friends which have left.
Proposed works:
4 Rings: Prisiminimai, 2006: silver, perspex, rubber, sand, lacquer.
Kaleidoscope with amber, 2006: copper, silver, amber.
2 coffrets made from bullet shells, 2006: brass.
Coffret with Greek motifs, 2005: silver.
Bouquet: Augimas, 2006: copper, silver.

Austeja Arlauskaite (born 1984, Kelme)
Student is interested in ethnographical, historical and contemporary heritage. In her works you can find an interpretation on mix of styles and motifs. Her obvious feature is open - minded, intelligent, receptive search.
Relief of her Brooch from Amber is indirectly linked to a relief of motherland;
the form is linked to ethnographical motifs and amber is considered as a representative of Lithuania. Other work by Austeja is a ring with amber Taikinys in which she interprets topic of militarism. An analysis of the topic, a humanistic way of thinking and a clear aesthetics are features that allow recognition of authorship of Austeja.
Proposed works:
Coffret for Ink, 2006: copper, silver.
Brooch with Amber, 2005: silver, amber.
Brooch-game, 2006: silver, amber, glass, plastic.
Ring, 2006: silver, amber, pumice, parallax, nutshell.
Ring: Taikinys, 2006: silver, amber.

Dovile Mazeikaite (born 1984, Plunge)
Original thinking is one of her features. She offers unexpected (out of academical context) thoughts, sketches and compositions. Dovile proposed for the exhibition unusual works from textile. She is very talented in knitting as she started practicing it during childhood. Piece Signs for Parents involves variety of techniques and styles: silver signs with additional childish paintings and original technique of photo printing, story compositions, enamel technique on copper and brass. You can feel freedom and variety.
Proposed works:
Signs for parents, 2006: silver, original technique.
Needled dolls and bicycle, 2005-2006: textile.
Coffret: Ma_as langelis, saldus sapnelis, 2006: silver, amber.
Brooch: Sraige, 2005: silver, perspex.
2 plates: Mamytes, 2006: copper, brass, enamel.

Aurelija Simkute (born 1984, Plunge)
The main feature of this author is paradoxical monumentality. Her jewelry is so small that you can hardly feel it. Beside that in Aurelijas works you can find harmony, strength and suggestive plastics. All other works have the same features and even more free expression and vitality. Her main topic is man. In example she made earrings for a person which is more attracted to touch it than see it.
Proposed works:
Earrings for blind person, 2006: silver.
Object with amber, 2006: silver, amber.
Coffret for pregnant woman, 2006: amber.

Darius Gabalis (born 1984, Mazeikiai)
In Art school I had a nickname: plodder. I was given this nickname because I like to plod very small details in paintings. That is the reason why I choose to study jewelry and smithery. I can not imagine myself doing something else, - said student. He has a puzzling eye and interesting interpretation of contexts. You can feel it in his work Liejimo forma. Usually goldsmiths use iron for mould. Darius made an improvisation on this technique and instead of iron he chooses perspex. This material makes the practice transparent and transforms function.
Proposed works:
Object: Liejimo forma, 2006: perspex, copper.
Bracelet with amber, 2005: silver amber.

Julius Vaitkus (born 1985, Kintai)
According to the student he is interested variety of shapes, contrasts in sizes and materials. Julius does not make contradiction between small and big, hard and soft. Instead of that he makes details sharper and brings scale category into his pieces. Small pieces in large area find exact place to be and creates balanced composition. Projects solutions are linked with topics that are affected in abstract way.
Proposed works:
Brooch, 2006: silver, mammoth bone.
Coffret with amber, 2006: iron, silver, amber.
Object, 2006: rock, silver, amber.

Ieva Anilionyte (born 1983, Klaipeda)
Silence is the most characteristic to her pieces. In her piece Plate with Floristic Motives you can feel mildness, competition of sensibility and dynamics, expression. Sometimes logic and rational thinking helps her to control situation Brooch Dedicated to Town (through stained tracery you can see map of town Klaipëda with small piece of amber on it). Jewelry to me is a nice way of self-expression and perfection says student.
Proposed works:
Brooch dedicated to town, 2006: silver, amber.
Plate: Kelione, 2005: brass, silver.

Ina Suliak (born 1979, Klaipeda)
This student has chosen architectonic motif for her pieces. She designs space using simple methodology just puts cubes in particular order on a background. She varies
on size, shape, bulk and thickness. All the bulks are fulfilled by amber. Main materials silver and amber are joined by details of yellow metal. Monumental and quiet order
are main features of her expression.
Proposed works:
Object with amber, 2006: silver, brass, amber.
Brooch with amber, 2006: silver, amber.

Sigitas Rekasius. Object: Vakariene (Diner), 2006. Copper, brass, cupronickel, silver. Sigitas Rekasius
Object: Vakariene (Diner), 2006
Copper, brass, cupronickel, silver
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Egle Tamosiunaite. Ring: Prisiminimai (Remembrances), 2006. Silver, perspex, rubber, sand, lacquer. Egle Tamosiunaite
Ring: Prisiminimai (Remembrances), 2006
Silver, perspex, rubber, sand, lacquer
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Austeja Arlauskaite. Object: Coffret for ink, 2006. Copper, silver. Austeja Arlauskaite
Object: Coffret for ink, 2006
Copper, silver
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Dovile Mazeikaite. Pin: Untitled, 2006. Silver, original technique. Dovile, MazeikaitePin: 2006Silver, original technique. Dovile Mazeikaite
Pin: Untitled, 2006
Silver, original technique

Dovile, Mazeikaite
Pin: 2006
Silver, original technique

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Aurelija Simkute. Earrings: Earrings for blind person, 2006. Silver. Aurelija Simkute
Earrings: Earrings for blind person, 2006
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Darius Gabalis. Object: Liejimo forma (Mould), 2006. Perspex, copper. Darius Gabalis
Object: Liejimo forma (Mould), 2006
Perspex, copper
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Julius Vaitkus. Brooch: Untitled, 2006. Silver, mammoth bone. Julius, VaitkusBrooch: 2006Silver, mammoth bone. Julius Vaitkus
Brooch: Untitled, 2006
Silver, mammoth bone

Julius, Vaitkus
Brooch: 2006
Silver, mammoth bone

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Ieva Anilionyte. Brooch: Dedicated to town, 2006. Silver, amber. Ieva Anilionyte
Brooch: Dedicated to town, 2006
Silver, amber
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Ina Suliak. Object: Object with amber, 2006. Silver, brass, amber. Ina Suliak
Object: Object with amber, 2006
Silver, brass, amber
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