Tune In by Kim Buck

Exhibition  /  09 Feb 2023  -  02 Mar 2023
Published: 26.01.2023
Kim Buck. Pendant: In Tune, 2020. Silver, wood. Kim Buck
Pendant: In Tune, 2020
Silver, wood
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I’ve always worked in a breadth of media, making jewellery, hollowware, and other types of objects. In this exhibition, I’m showing a series of four-tone generators, each producing a concert pitch; A 440 Hertz. I see them as a natural component of the jewellery project I call ‘Kammertonen’ or ‘Tune In’ which is spotlighted here. In this case, they set the tone for the entire exhibition. Although they produce sound, I don’t envision them as musical instruments. Rather, they are creature-like, inquisitive and asking for interaction, coming alive at the hand of the spectator.