Unconfined Horizons. Jewellery from Humboldt’s Travel Routes

Exhibition  /  13 Apr 2019  -  08 Sep 2019
Published: 28.09.2018
Arm ornament. Kayapó people, Pará, Brazil..
Arm ornament. Kayapó people, Pará, Brazil.

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Born 250 years ago, the scientist Alexander von Humboldt is regarded as one of the last universal geniuses, whose thinking and actions laid many foundations for our modern worldview. During the 90 years of his life, this world citizen set out on two major expeditions: through South and Central America, and through Russia as far as the Chinese border. Influenced by the ideals of the Enlightenment, he was convinced that people differ from one another only in terms of their education or culture, and that they are all equally destined for freedom. The horizons of his mind were unconfined, as the Humboldt expert Ottmar Ette emphasizes. For Humboldt, genuine education was synonymous with being able to perceive the interrelationships between things. Correspondingly, his fields of research were widely diversified. The exhibition will be showcasing a wide variety of artefacts and jewellery created along his travel routes, complemented by texts and illustrations from the scientist’s oeuvre.