Under the same Sky

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2016  /  25 Feb 2016  -  28 Feb 2016
Published: 14.02.2016
Daniel Kruger
Katja Schlegel

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Artist list

Sawa Aso, Sophie Baumgärtner, Makiko Mitsunari, Esther Suárez Ruiz
This group of jewellery artists, in spite of divergent origins, is closely bound by where they graduated, live and work but especially by a shared approach to sourcing their creativity through observations and thoughts on the environment and phenomena outside themselves.
Sawa Aso replicates objects that are worn on the body but are not jewellery, negating the function these objects originally had: binoculars, a camera, a bowtie etc., and gives them a new and unexpected function. Sophie Baumgärtner uses structures and support systems as in skeletons or in architecture systems and manipulates them or uncovers their inner life whether organic or mechanical, reminiscent of primeval or imaginary creatures. Makiko Mitsunari develops jewellery based on the study of minerals, using angular crystalline forms or sections of crystals or stones to contrast colours and materials, sensual categories of warm and cold, moist and dry, transparent and opaque. Esther Suárez Ruiz creates pendants based on 15th century Venetian trade beads.

Opening: 25.Feb at 17:00h