Views of Order

Exhibition  /  13 Mar 2008  -  30 Apr 2008
Published: 12.03.2008
Åsa Lockner. Sculpture: Untitled, 2007. Porcelain, metal. Åsa, LocknerSculpture: 2007Porcelain, metalfoto Mats Håkanson. Åsa Lockner
Sculpture: Untitled, 2007
Porcelain, metal

Åsa, Lockner
Sculpture: 2007
Porcelain, metal
foto Mats Håkanson
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In 7 chapters Åsa Lockner depicts the concepts of order. The idea and inspiration for the exhibition comes from partly from joerneys in countries with limited freedom of speech and repression. Order is also Åsa Lockners own tool fpr balancing her everyday life.
The exhibition”Views of Order” at Gallery Platina in Stockholm is a research on different aspects of order – political, social and cultural. But the artist and designer Åsa Lockner is also relates to her private live:

- When I face symtoms of stress my desire for order increases. I try to compenesate my loss of control with actions as organizing work papers in files.

Recently Åsa Lockner visited Laos och White Russia, two countries where the inhibitants are under strong repression from the authoritiy. She reacted with surprice on the few visible signs from the governmental control in the streets:

- The lack of individual expression and sub cultures was the things tha struck me hardest. Down town Minsk was unnaturally tidy and clean, simply too clean. The whole society was cleansed from diverting expression.

“Views of Order” is organized in seven chapters of jewellery and sculptures in different environments, all describing the artist ideas. The first chapter,”Table Manners”, handles governmental repression towards dissidients. The third chapter is the sculpture, ”Being Nice”, where woman fights against visible and invisible chains.