Violeta Adomaityte & Philip Sajet

Exhibition  /  12 Jun 2020  -  25 Jul 2020
Published: 05.06.2020
Philip Sajet. Ring: Twin Ruby, 2020. Sterling silver, 18k gold, rubies. Photo by: Galerie Elsa Vanier. Philip Sajet
Ring: Twin Ruby, 2020
Sterling silver, 18k gold, rubies
Photo by: Galerie Elsa Vanier
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An exhibition in homage to nature, to its violent episodes as well as to its orchards in bloom. The jewels of Philip Sajet and Violeta Adomaitytė bewitch us. Freshness and power confront each other. An exhibition in tribute to nature, its pristine spaces and its flowering orchards. The jewelry quenches your thirst. Some soft and sweet as your favourite fruit, some strong and intoxicating...