WalkaStudio: Can materials speak? A search for Latin Americanness

Exhibition  /  26 Apr 2009  -  03 May 2009
Published: 15.04.2009
Walka Studio. Earrings: untitled, 2009. Horse's hair, fine silver. Photo by Karen Clunes. Walka Studio
Earrings: untitled, 2009
Horse's hair, fine silver
Photo by Karen Clunes
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(...) Latin America as a whole has an immense and powerful craft tradition. Although, particularities can be found between the different countries that creates Latin America, as the accent does on Spanish Language. These particularities are huge fountain for exploring national identity and social behaviours, which is a very important driver for new generations of craft-makers. Those new generations more globalized and, it could be said, more mobile and curious are creating a more diverse and open craft-scene. (...)