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Exhibition  /  06 May 2016  -  27 May 2016
Published: 27.04.2016

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A collective exhibition promoted by Taller La Nave that interprets contemporary jewellery as a motor of change, aiming to bring a new view on our conception of the world.

Artist list

Alejandra Agusti, Florencia Alonso, Graciela Armada, Victoria Biagiola, Lucía Mishquila Brichta, María Fernanda Brindesi, Nora Capitman, María Carelli, Diego Perez Castaño, Jorge Castañón, Anne Luz Castellanos, Fabiana Cattolico, Ornella Cocimano, Daniela Comaleras, Cecilia Mara Crescenzi, Graciela Di Monaco, Valeria Dowding, Sol Flores, Blanca M. de Galarreta, Patricia Galucci, Paula Giecco, Andrea Grun, Elisa Gulminelli, María Fernanda Gómez, Cecilia Hecker, María Laura Iglesias, Elida Kemelman, Vanesa Lamadrid, Nélida Ferrari Lazar, Laura Leyt, Liliana Macklin, Magela Maggi, Pablo Marco, Claudia Olivieri Maynat, Cecilia Mórtola, Dolores Oneto, Patricia Mónica Rodriguez, María Gracia Salinas, Silvia Sherriff, María Solórzano, Sabina Tiemroth, Silvia Vollaro, Ana Weisz
The world needs gestures, very powerful ones. One that inevitably has to take place is the reestablishment of the only habitable world we know so far. All that is superficial has already been said, it is time to move away from the paradigms of comfort, even groping in the darkness, with fears, with doubts, understanding conflict as the discomfort that is necessary to make changes.
Contemporary Jewelry can be one of the possible motors, in charge of transporting new ideas, other points of view, concepts, reflections in transit from one body to another.


From Monday to Friday, from 10h to 20h.


6th May, from 20h to 23h.
Jorge Castañon. Brooch: How much does absence weigh?. Found wood, eucalyptus, nazarene, toronja, palo santo, sterling silver, acrylic paint, Cyca revoluta’s seeds. 9.6 x 7 x 3,5 cm. Photo by: Damián Wasser. Jorge Castañon
Brooch: How much does absence weigh?
Found wood, eucalyptus, nazarene, toronja, palo santo, sterling silver, acrylic paint, Cyca revoluta’s seeds
9.6 x 7 x 3,5 cm
Photo by: Damián Wasser
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