Werkschau. University of Applied Sciences, Peter Behrens School of Arts, New Craft Object Design. Degree Show 2020

Exhibition  /  NewTalentsByKlimt02   OnlineOnly  /  26 Nov 2020  -  26 Dec 2020
Published: 26.11.2020

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This year's graduation show at the University of Applied Science Düsseldorf displayed the works of all 80 final students of the Design faculty on a digital platform. On the digital 'Werkschau' you can view the final results in jewellery and products of six bachelor and master students of the New Craft Object Design Department. Driven to explore, discover, question, and shape the six graduates developed well-reflected and significant new products. Extensive research and interpretation of traditional jewellery forms, design and society, everyday objects, new innovative technologies or contexts between jewellery, fashion and art are the base of their individual design process.