Window Project KNIT by Joana Santos

Exhibition  /  26 Mar 2022  -  22 Apr 2022
Published: 12.04.2022
Joana Santos. Necklace: KNIT, 2021. Paper, cotton.. Photo by: Rossana Mendes da Fonseca. Joana Santos
Necklace: KNIT, 2021
Paper, cotton.
Photo by: Rossana Mendes da Fonseca
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Joana Santos was invited by Reverso Gallery, to presente KNIT at Window Project (Paralelas). Paralelas is one of Reverso's basic projects and includes activities that are tangential to the gallery's core practice, such as editing, lectures, photography, performance, among others, essential for the promotion of multidisciplinary partnerships essential to the dissemination of contemporary jewellery.