Wood, extended life. The international contemporary jewelry exhibition

Exhibition  /  20 Apr 2016  -  10 Jun 2016
Published: 19.04.2016
Gallery Vogoze
Dongchun Lee
Francis Willemstijn. Brooch: Door, 2012. Wood, stainless steel.. Francis Willemstijn
Brooch: Door, 2012
Wood, stainless steel.
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In this exhibition, wood is main material of ornament in order to introduce the world of contemporary jewelry that shows philosophical point of view to wood and nature.

Artist list

Heather Bayless, Attai Chen, Jae-wook Choi, Sang-deok Han, Julia Harrison, Young-hee Hong, Jun-won Jeong, Hee-seung Koh, Dongchun Lee, Kwong-Sun Lee, Jasmin Matzakow, Choon-Sun Moon, Terhi Tolvanen, Francis Willemstijn
In the field of contemporary jewelry, symbol of material is very important. Since   jewelry artists break bounds of conventional idea to the jewelry, contemporary jewelry has been aware of new art. And now the contemporary jewelry artist tries to be focused on explaining artistic significance than it`s traditional meaning of material, which is related to the value of preciousness. The spectrum of material  is now extended over a wide range in the field of art jewelry, thus the territory of art is becoming more fertile.
Wood is one of the most familiar medium. They provide environment for human. So human regains their physical, mental security by wood, or is strong influenced on emotion. For those reason, wood(tree)has been symbolized as sacred subject.
So, we just express new aesthetic value through deep contemplation on wood.
11 x 9 x 2.5 cm. Brooch: Arches, 2012. Amaranth, silver, steel.. 11 x 9 x 2.5 cm
Brooch: Arches, 2012
Amaranth, silver, steel.
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Jae-wook Choi. Necklace: Horn, 2016. Wood, 18K gold.. Jae-wook Choi
Necklace: Horn, 2016
Wood, 18K gold.
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Hee-seung Koh. Necklace: Trace, 2016. Teak, iron, silver, gold plated.. 12 x 10 x1.5 cm. Hee-seung Koh
Necklace: Trace, 2016
Teak, iron, silver, gold plated.
12 x 10 x1.5 cm
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Jun-won Jung. Brooch: Untitled, 2016. Wood.. 3 x 10 x 2.5 cm. Jun-won Jung
Brooch: Untitled, 2016
3 x 10 x 2.5 cm
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Attai Chen. Necklace: Clashes, 2014. Wood, paint, plastic, brass, porcelain, iron cardboard, linen.. 33 X 21 X 9 cm. Photo by: Attai Chen. From series: Terra Mutantica. Attai Chen
Necklace: Clashes, 2014
Wood, paint, plastic, brass, porcelain, iron cardboard, linen.
33 X 21 X 9 cm
Photo by: Attai Chen
From series: Terra Mutantica
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