Wood you?

Exhibition  /  15 Sep 2017  -  20 Oct 2017
Published: 27.09.2017
Melle Finelli Jewelry

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A dynamic selection of contemporary art jewelry by artists from around the globe who have chosen wood as their primary material. 

Artist list

Luz Arias, Gabrielle Desmarais, Laura Jaklitsch, Tara Locklear, Tova Lund
Luz Arias. Pin: Wall Pin. Cirmolo wood, Japanese lacquer, silver . Luz Arias
Pin: Wall Pin
Cirmolo wood, Japanese lacquer, silver 
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Gabrielle Desmarais. Brooch: LA GÉODE, 2013. Rose quartz, wood, paint, thread.. Gabrielle Desmarais
Brooch: LA GÉODE, 2013
Rose quartz, wood, paint, thread.
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Laura Jaklitsch. Necklace: Untitled. Wood, polyurethane. Laura Jaklitsch
Necklace: Untitled
Wood, polyurethane
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Tara Locklear. Necklace: Untitled. Recycled skateboards, sterling silver.. Tara Locklear
Necklace: Untitled
Recycled skateboards, sterling silver.
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